Welcome to the Scientesses Blog!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my blog for my Girl Scout Gold Award project. I will be hosting workshops at my local library to get girls excited about STEM careers. This blog is going to include the experiments we do along with various posts about science and famous women who have worked/are working in STEM fields.

The name Scientesses is a play on the word princesses. I want to show girls that you do not have to be royal in order to make a difference. I don’t have anything against princesses, though (I still have my Disney Princess Christmas tree), and just thought the name “Scientesses” was cute and I went for it.

A little about me: My name is Heather and I attend an all-girls Catholic high school. I am in my school’s STEM program which includes a lot of STEM-centered classes (including English and history!). Next, year I will be taking a lot of Advanced Placement courses.

I have been a Girl Scout since kindergarten (my mom started the troop),do a lot of volunteer work, and am a HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference) alum. For the past two summers I have worked as a Leadership Intern (equivalent of camp counselor) at a local Camp Invention which is a great educational program run by the US Patent and Trademark Office. I dream of going to a highly selective college to major in one of the natural sciences.

I am very excited about this project and hope you enjoy it! If I don’t post too often, I apologize in advance, I am probably studying!

Stayed tuned on Twitter (@scientesses) to never miss a post!


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