Career Corner: Materials Engineer

Have you wondered who makes all the things you use – utensils, remotes, cars, golf clubs, rubber bands? Who sits there and comes up with the designs and knows what materials work best for the products? The answer is materials engineers.

Materials engineers not only come up with ideas for materials to use for products, but they also develop and test them. Materials engineers go through extensive research to determine the best materials for the product. They are experts in ceramics, metals, plastics, and other types of substances.

Some materials engineers work in office, while other work in laboratories. It depends if the materials engineer is more focused on the design and research, or the development and testing.

Materials engineering is a great field to enter because not many people receive materials engineering degrees allowing many open job positions. Materials engineers are also always in demand because they make everything we use. Every product around us has had its materials researched, chosen, developed, and tested by a materials engineer. Additionally, people are always looking for a new, cool, and innovative product to use. If you become a materials engineer, you might just have a hand in making the “next big thing.”

If you are interested in materials engineering, check out:

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