Why do I love STEM?

I think this blog has been around long enough to address a pretty fundamental issue…why I love STEM. To provide some insight, here is my answer to an application question about what interests me about STEM:

STEM is the way of the future. I was interested in the STEM fields way before “STEM” was a buzzword. Ever since I could remember, my mother would buy me various science kits from the local education store because I have always had in interest in learning how things work and performing different experiments. As I have gotten older, I have learned that there is much more to STEM than making geodes or building circuits. I am interested in STEM not only because it is our key to understanding human life but it is also our way to improving human life. Countless new discoveries are being made in STEM fields every day. With STEM, the soldier that lost his leg fighting for the freedom of his country is given a bionic leg (printed on a 3-D printer) to finish the New York City marathon. If predictions come true, that same soldier can live comfortably in a lunar village. With STEM, the possibilities are endless and that is one of the things that entices me. I want to be part of this innovation. I know that the dedication and passion I have makes me a perfect fit to discover a cure or create a new invention. STEM gives us the power to change the world and shows me that there is nothing stopping me from being the next Stephen Hawking or Marie Curie.


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