I love math and I cannot lie

I don’t think this blog post will give my love of math justice. Reader (channeling my inner Jane Eyre), I would need to sit you down and you would need to see for yourself. Then, you could see my face light up and my heart beat quicken. You could see me just stare in awe at the beautiful numbers (and letters in some case).  You could hear the tone of my voice change from normal to extraordinarily excited. Because we have the World Wide Web between us, you’ll have to settle for this mediocre blog post.

There’s something about math that makes it feel right. It’s different than other subjects. Everything else is up for interpretation. Even in science, you can view a certain experiment differently than someone else. But math…there’s always a right answer. It may not always come as a 1 or 2 or square or circle, but an answer can be found somehow. And if there isn’t an answer like . You can say the limit doesn’t exist. You can prove that there is no answer.

Not all subjects have that kind of certainty.

Nothing against English class (I’m an avid reader), but can I really prove that the author used an “ad hominem” argument in line five to make an appeal to his or her ethos? I can assume, but I cannot truly prove an author’s purpose or the effect it has on the reader. Maybe my neighbor feels the passage portrays nature as sad, while I think it portrays nature as indifferent.  Do I even care about how the author portrays nature at all?

I don’t feel that way towards math, though. Unlike other students, I rarely question when I will use the math in real life. I know I would. I see friends and family members solving differential equations or using trig for their jobs. Even if I didn’t see the practical applications, I wouldn’t care. I just love math so much.

There’s a beauty behind the numbers. There’s just so many cool things you can do with them. Using the numbers 1-9 you can make a number that simplifies to  to a couple decimal places. Very impressive if you ask me. You can see the video here.

Right now I am taking Calculus, and I can wholeheartedly say it is my favorite class. Every day, I discover something more amazing about the math. It also certainly does help that my teacher is so passionate about the subject. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Even if you hate math, you can’t help but get excited in her class.

I just did some homework about Riemann sums and there was a feeling of peace and satisfaction after I completed it. I didn’t feel like it was busywork, but rather enriching my life with wonderful mathematical knowledge.

So this ends my blog post on math. I apologize if it seems more of a babble and less of a blog post, but maybe that’s a way you can understand how much I love the subject. I get so excited about it I can’t formulate a coherent post.


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