Email template? Sign me up!

I’m not one to promote products or services, but let me tell you, Cloud HQ has completely revolutionized the way I send mass emails. I always want that clean and professional look, but I don’t always have the skills (just because I like STEM doesn’t mean I’m good at everything about it!).

Step in Cloud HQ combined with Mail Chimp. I recently had to send out an email to all the parents of teens in my youth group. Since the email was coming from me, a teen herself, I had extra pressure to make sure the email looked clean and crisp. I wanted them to understand the importance and take the email seriously. It contained very important information about our upcoming Spring retreat. This was the first time we were sending the info and paperwork over email instead of regular mail, so I wanted to make a good first impression and prove that using technology would be the better and more efficient route.

I created the template using Mail Chimp, but I needed to make sure all the parents received the email and were able to respond to it. I didn’t trust sending it through the third party site, but I found Cloud HQ that allowed me to use a template to send a professional looking email from my own email, allowing parents to reply directly to me.

This was an absolute hit. My youth group director LOVED the email and said we should have used this service years ago. This was a huge compliment because she is very picky about logistics stuff. Additionally, the email went out smoothly and all the parents loved it and were able to get the information easily.

Using Mail Chimp really made my job as a director easier and gave me the satisfaction of having a very professional email. Everyone said it was beautiful to look at!

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